fuck yeah festival 2013
Smile like you don’t have Spanx on! #InsideAmy @gabeliedman
Fête des Pets

Behind the Scenes
East Asians Can Read Minds
Spreadin’ the word for this cool guy.
So many good things going on in this store. But, of course, another store that doesn’t make clothes in XXS. I tweeted Snooki, once, asking where she buys all her size 3 heels from. No response. C’mon, help a fellow short girl out!
Yaaay, I got through it! *two pats on the shoulder and one for the tush* Sadly, I didn’t get a single DECENT picture of anything. The last two weeks were so insane, it wasn’t even on my mind.
U know how confused u are watching Game of Thrones? That’s how your mom feels watching EVERYTHING.
Photo Set Up Test

Testing the photo set up I put together to take pictures of my work.

Workspaces of Famous Creatives
People really fall for kindness.
Coffee Crankin’ Thru My Sys
1980s Logo Tags
I am one hundred percent certain that I am zero percent sure of what I’m going to do.
Places You Won’t Believe Exist